Are SMART Boards Really That Smart?

When I was in the fifth grade, my elementary school was afforded with several SMART Boards. The teachers received some instruction on how to use them, but not much. My teacher never used it. In fact, she hated her SMART Board because it was unreliable and confusing. Last year, I returned to her classroom to observe and I noticed she now uses the board, especially for keeping track of behaviors through uses of different apps. The SMART Board, however, had a ton of glitches and would not even work when she was trying to pull up the math review packet to review with the students. This took time away from the class, and I wonder, were we just better off with the good old chalk and white boards? I found an article entitled, “The Advantages of SMART Boards in the Classroom,” as an attempt to understand how they benefit teachers and students as a whole. While I agreed that SMART Boards are more interactive and engaging for students, I find it extremely difficult to understand how they are “low maintenance.” Granted, one does not need to constantly write and erase using chalk, but I have found that more oftentimes than not, the markers for the SMART Boards do not even work unless they are perfectly calibrated. To be honest, I am a little nervous if my future classroom is equipped with a SMART Board. I will have to learn and utilize the technology, however, there is a lot of learning how to use it involved.


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