7 Ways to Use Digital Photography in The Classroom


I decided to read this article because I will be doing my project on digital photography in the next few weeks. I thought this would be a good place to start looking for information. The author of this article not only gives good ideas about how to use digital photography in the classroom, but also leaves room to think of your own ideas about how to use it as well. A lot of the examples she gave showed how digital photography was a great tool for building community in the classroom. One example centered on taking pictures of events that happen during the year and turning it into a slideshow for everyone to keep. Another example was to participate in a project 365 where you take a picture of one thing everyday and then look back at everything that was accomplished during that year. One could do 180 days instead of 365 though. This helps students reflect back on all of the good times, and appreciate them more in a bigger way. Digital photography is also a great way to gain more parent involvement. By having a class Instagram for example, parents could look at projects that their students are working on, or see any class celebrations that happened that day, allowing them to have further discussion with their child when they get home. Digital photography is also use for strictly academic purposes as well. According to this article one could use digital photography to publish their work to a blog where it can be looked at by others. It can also be used to take pictures for projects or creative/descriptive writing assignments. With a picture as a base, a student could build off of it in more than one way when it comes to writing assignments. The author even mentioned having pictures for a comic strip that offered students a different type of writing assignment, one they may connect to better. I think digital photography has even more uses than this but I hope to figure them out and create some of my own ideas to present for my project.


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