Lexia Learning for Mobile Technology


Since entering my 418/390 classroom this semester I have become aware of the formative assessment tool called Lexia Learning Core 5 which focuses on getting the students reading and then on to the computer to complete small task activities based on 5 reading strategies. These strategies are scaffolded based on the needs of the student who is taking part in these activities. The student will be placed in a level based on their abilities in reading. They will be guided through a series of games that incorporate the reading level that they are on. I thought it was cool to see first hand my students using this piece of technology on their chrome books in the classroom as well as on their iPads and tablets during free time. They even explained to me that the app allows their parents to be aware of how much they use these activities and how they are performing on each aspect. The teacher is also in connection with these things and is able to talk to the parent through the app as well. It makes the students enjoy being tested on their reading and what they need to work on based on possible IEP goals or just trying to meet benchmarks for general education curriculum. I also thought that it was interesting that the Lexia App for teachers is available now on the Apple Watch and all other Apple devices so it allows the teacher to stay connected to his or her students no matter where they may be. Principles and districts are also able to have access to this form of formative assessment with the continuous tracking of student progress in the form of online updates and graphs. I thought it was so cool that this game was helping students learn the core reading skills at a deeper level and allow them to grow as an individual student at their own pace.


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