Kahoot it!


This week I read an article which discussed the pros and cons of Kahoot! Formative assessment is an excellent way in measuring how well the students are comprehending the material in the classroom setting, but Kahoot allows students to do this in a fun way! Students are each given a code which they use to login to the particular quiz on Kahoot. Once they are all logged in, the questions appear and students have four options of potential answers. Based on the time response and number of correct answers, students earn points which are shown up on screen. This is a great way to create a competitive atmosphere amongst peers as well as get a grasp for who is understanding the material and who is not. Rather than taking up an entire day/period in the classroom setting to take an actual test, this level of formal assessment assesses student progress but also is down in a more relaxed manner. Students seem to feel more comfortable answering these types of questions just as if they were multiple choice on a test, but it is done so in a relaxed setting. Not only is it really testing students’ knowledge, but everyone hopes to be the winner, answering the most correct questions and having the best response time.

The only drawback that was emphasized greatly in the article was only having four options for answers. However, this pertains to many tests that teachers give to their students with multiple choice. More often than not students are administered multiple choice tests and have the option to choose between four answers. This is the same thing with Kahoot, which does not seem to be that large of a con. It is already so common with assessments that I think it is part of the norm! All in all, Kahoot seems to be measuring a student’s understanding in a relaxed and informal way but gives the teacher a wealth of feedback.


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