Informing Ourselves on Formative Assessment

This website listed many forms of assessment to use with technology, and grouped them by categories teachers might be looking for such as quizzes, discussions, interactive lessons and many more.  There were even ratings by other teachers, comments, and information on how to access these websites or apps and if they are free or what it takes to use it.  I tried out many of these tools, and found myself thinking of ways I can incorporate some of them into my future classroom.  I enjoyed Kahoot, Socrative, Plickers, all of which were for quizzing.  I also really liked the discussion website Backchannel chat and Today meet, and Edulastic and Playposit for interactive and video lessons.  Each sample is engaging, fun and brings a different kind of participation and form of assessment into the classroom, instead of just the typical paper and pencil test or quiz.  I think this article is useful for teachers who want to bring more technology into the classroom, not only to engage the students more but also to bring a different type of learning that is fun, different and exciting for everyone.


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