Formative Assessment

The article that I have attached included 5 different formative assessment tools. In high school each student had an Ipad. We would use Socrative in several of my classes. Socrative is an online quiz/test. The questions vary from multiple choice, short answer, true/false, etc. I really enjoyed using Socrative because it was something different which made it exciting. I have also used Kahoot. Kahoot is more of a game than a quiz/test. Kahoot is a fun way to review. The feedback is immediate. There are several different features on Kahoot. Teachers are able to manage how long students have to answer questions as well as what possible answers are correct.

The only issue I have with both of these tools is that it can cause anxiety for some students. The tools measure how quickly students answer a question and if it is correct or not. The time pressure the tools put on the children can cause anxiety. I know personally I enjoy the competitive aspect of these two tools, however I feel that it will cause some students stress.


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