Empowering Teachers With Tech-Friendly Formative Assessment Tools


Some important take aways I noted after reading this article were all related to the factors that went with using formative assessment. Some of these factors included, deciding on when one actually wants to collect formative data. Another factor included choosing the right tool you need, which involved considering your students’ age and abilities. The last factor listed was whether you want to test the students knowlege after the lesson is over, or check their understanding throughout the entireity of the lesson.

Google forms are one of the author’s favorite formative assessment tools because of the fact they are customizable. Once data has been collected the teacher can then use this information to plan their next lesson, and plan it with purpose. Lessons can be accomodated for certain students or for the entire class based on results. Formative assessment is a major tool that is used in the classroom, and that techology is making even more accessible.


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