Chatzy and other Formative Assessment Technologies

As we all have learned, formative assessment is vital in order for teachers to understand if their students are attaining the content information and if your instruction is reaching your students. It is important to know if students are understanding the content so that teachers can address any confusion before moving on. In this article, the teacher presents the importance of actually having students do problems or show their understanding somehow rather than simply asking “Do you guys understand this?” The teacher had asked the class if they understood her lesson on binary numbers, which her students all responded yes, but when providing a problem to her students, only two got it right.

This article provides several formative assessment technologies that can assist teachers in checking for understanding. We have already used formative assessment tools like kahoot in class, but another cool idea is to use chat tools to start up conversation. One example is Chatzy. Using this technology tool, a teacher can open up a classroom with her students and students can contribute to the conversation. The website is fairly simple to use; however, it does require each student to have their own device with access to the internet. A teacher may use this as formative assessment by asking students to contribute something they have learned when the teacher is teaching a lesson or having students answer questions she asks with this device. Check out the other devices posted in the article!!


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