4 Formative Assessments every teacher needs

This week as I researched about formative assessment, I came across an interesting article that discusses 4 formative assessments that every good teacher should be using.  It developed and explained the 4 different categories and also added in some interesting technology that could be used to meet these formative assessment needs.

  1. Clarify the learner: What do we want the learner to know.  Give them clear targets so that they are able to tell if they have met the goals of their learning.  Lino is a virtual cork board where the students can post sticky notes to ask questions, clarify goals, or can be used as an exit slip.  Thought this was a cool way for students and or teachers to communicate.
  2. Elicit evidence: How do we know where students are in their learning.  It is important to be gathering information on a regular basis allows the teacher to better understand the students learning needs.  Discusses KaHoot as being a good way to do this, which we have discussed in class before.
  3. Providing feedback: Important for the students to know what they need to work on next.  Feedback must be timely and consistent so that students understand what is expected and what they need to work on for the future.  Formative feedback for learning is an app that allows students and teachers to conference together through the app and elicit discussions.
  4. Activating learners: How to encourage students to want to learn on their own and be a resource to their peers.  Having students be involved in their learning has many benefits.  An interesting way to involve students and monitor their understanding is for each student to have a green, yellow, and red cup on their desks that they use to let the teacher or their peers know when they need more help or explaining on what they are learning.




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