Formative Assessment: Kahoot

Formative assessment is obviously extremely important in teaching. Small check-ins, quizzes or discussions help students see how they are doing with the material and also help instructors gauge their student’s abilities. Summative assessments are simply not enough because a student could already be too far behind and it’s too late for a teacher to realize that his/her teaching style needs to be altered. I think that Kahoot is an amazing tool for teachers. Kahoot allows teachers to create a fun learning game in a matter of minutes with custom multiple choice questions. They can add videos and pictures to enhance the game. Kahoots promote student engagement in the classroom because students are able to answer on their own devices, while games are displayed on a shared screen to unite the lesson. Kahoot eliminates some of the stress of assessment by making it fun. It also provides instant feedback. A student can see immediately if they were correct or not, while however not showing their answer to the whole class. The teacher also gets the feedback on who answered what. I firsthand have experienced from the student’s perspective the benefits of Kahoot. For example, using it for a review game in class really showed me that I needed to do a lot of studying for the upcoming test. I can defiantly see myself using this useful learning tool in my future classroom.

Go make your own Kahoot @ !


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