Socrative: Formative Assessment App Review

One of my English teachers in High School stumbled upon the app Socrative.  Being a 1:1 iPad high school, my teachers were able to incorporate a large amount of technology into the classroom.  At the beginning of each class, my teacher would give us a reading quiz from the night before.  Typically, this quiz was on paper.  With the creation of this app, my teacher was able to see the results from our quizzes immediately, and even easily complete achievement comparisons within the class.

When looking at the Socrative website, teachers are able to manage multiple classes at one time, and even share their quizzes with other teachers.  Specific quizzes and exit slips can be “matched” with Common Core State Standards, showing other teachers what standards a specific quiz meets.

I would definitely recommend it, from a student perspective and a teacher perspective!


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