The Benefits of Educational TV and Reading

The benefits of educational tv is thought of being a broad topic because when parents put their kids in front of a television screen and put on PBS or a similar channel, they don’t normally expect it to connect to the reading skills that could be growing within the minds of kids without them even knowing. This article expresses the different gains that come from educational television that enhance literacy concepts. Specifically, they give examples of this type of tv programming to help with sound and letter recognition, word understanding, and even just to enjoy the concept of reading even more. Shows like Between The Lions and Sesame Street have been two of the biggest shows that have produced a big jump towards improving the success of understanding words and sounds of letters for young students and children. There is also a push for “Literacy 360” which allows students to watch television that provides them access to websites and other outlets to practice their learning and such. The hardest part of managing television shows for young children is making sure that they stay age appropriate and are actually helping kids learn the correct material in the best way. It was interesting to see that kids learn so many different things just by watching the tv and if the program is helpful they can learn different aspects of reading and literacy before they are even in school.



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