Teacher: How a GoPro Got My Students Excited to Learn


I have been trying to think of different types of technology that people use on a regular basis in today’s society. I feel as though these everyday gadgets have never really been taken advantage of in the classrooms I have ever been in. I decided an interesting way to use technology in the classroom would be to bring in a go pro. I then wondered if anyone else had done this before, and that is how I stumbled upon this article. This article talks about a teacher who took his old go pro to class and found multiple ways to incorporate it into his lessons for his his technology class. He had the go pro hooked up to a remote control car, and had the students drive it throughout the halls, getting footage to put on the morning annoucements. Students were excited to see themselves on the annoucments, and take part in preparing footage and photos that were taken with the go pro to put on the morning announcements as well. The teacher soon noticed that the go pro could be used outside of his technology class, and in the regular education classes as well. Students began using the go pro to take pictures and videos for their projects. They were able to edit it using the go pro program, which allowed the footage to come together in a more exciting way. The go pro allwed the students to show their point of view in the footage and made their work more exciting for not only them, but for their classmates as well. When I think about ways to use a go pro I think about the idea of virutal feild trips. If I were to take the go pro to a location and film it from my point of view, it would allow the students to feel as though they were in my shoes, and were actually there. I think a go pro would be a great way to record and edit class activities, celebrations, accomplishments, and projects as well. To take bits and pieces of exciting things that happened throughout the year, and editing it as a class would be an amazing way to build community and get the students more connected to everyday activities. I think the go pro has alot of potential in the classroom if one were to get creative with it.


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