Social Media in the Classroom

Technology is prevalent resource that most kids are accustomed to. Therefore, having it implemented in the classroom can be a way to relate to the students. I believe social media in the classroom can serve many beneficial purposes, but must be monitored. For older students I think having a class blog is important for students to post their own ideas, concerns and questions. The students can than see what others are thinking and respond to them. It is a good source for online reflection assignment and to build a community as the students postings can than be discussed in class.I think Twitter is also useful for older students for the purposes of teachers posting reminders and homework assignments. Instagram can be used to post students work and other classmates and parents can see, which can make students feel proud of their accomplishments. In addition, I believe Edmodo is a helpful social media in which students, teachers and parents can collaborate and connect.Parents can keep up with what the students are learning and track their child’s progress. Moreover, this article below describes some other benefits of social media in the classroom, such as allowing for a learning curve and having a community page that creates “one-stop shopping.”



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