Five Ways Teachers Can Use Technology to Help Students

The link to the article is:

This is an interesting article that begins by quoting Edison, in which he believed that school systems would be changed by this era and there would be little need for books in the classroom.This change today is know as technology. However, The author believes that this is actually false, since books are still a main purpose and resource of the classroom. This resistance to change results from the government and school systems. The article claims that to change this epidemic, there are five ways. One way is use to use technology that can actually provide more to the classroom environment, instead of using it to divert student’s attention. I agree that resources such as, Skype, can provide a virtual field trip, which cannot be done without using technology. Other ways include, incorporating it into a lesson plan, use technology to evaluate students, and embrace the common core standards, which mentions the use of technology. Having technology intertwined into a lesson can help students learn new things in different ways. In addition, some teachers fear technology. However, they can receive support and ideas from other teachers while communicating online.


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