Educational TV

I found the article for this week interesting because before reading it I assumed it was going to discuss TV in the classroom which I did not think would be useful.  It was interesting to read about the article and how much little kids watch TV.  I think that it is very true and made me think about how much the TV is on in my house or in houses that I have babysat in.  Even if kids are not watching these shows a lot of times I have noticed that they still have their shows on as background noise as they play something else.  I have noticed that my little brother, who is 6 does usually answer the questions that the show asks when prompted in Dora for example.  I think that even if it is not the most educational questions, the fact that kids are watching the show and thinking about it as they watch is good because it shows that they are thinking and not just staring blankly.  I do think that the mediation that the article discussed would also be beneficial to kids.  Kids love games that are themed as their favorite shows so I think they would be willing to play these games and not even realize that they are practicing skills that they are learning.  This semester I have noticed that for a few of my classes instead of assigning readings, I have been assigned different shows or podcasts to watch.  I have enjoyed watching these as an alternative to reading because I am a slow reader.  I think that in the right setting educational videos or shows can be useful but it is important that they are not forced and actually go along with the curriculum, similar to the different kinds of technology that we have discussed so far in class.


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