Educational Television

I found this article to be very helpful before Kevin and I present on educational TV this week. It provided a lot of background on the goals of educational television and what it is meant to accomplish. Many are under the impression that a lot of television is not beneficial to children and in some cases this is true. Television can be overused and abused when it is watched all the time and not done so in a productive manner. Many times children will wish to sit in front of the television for hours just to watch cartoons and this is the unproductive level of television many parents look at when they hear television. However, there are many educational programs that do the opposite for children.

Educational television offers many benefits to children. It gives students the opportunity to learn in multiple different ways, having both visual and auditory representations of information portrayed in a fun and engaging way. Students are more often than not captivated with a TV clip put on the screen and are much more likely to pay attention to the information shown. It also provides updated information rather than outdated information printed by textbooks. This keeps students updated with the most modern news as well as statistics. The information translated through television can be applied to many other situations outside of the clip. It shows how people react to particular situations or problems emotionally, physically, and socially. This can help students in any classroom setting but can be extremely helpful for students in special education classrooms. It gives students the opportunity to escape from the world of over stimulation and unwind. These students can learn a great deal from social interactions in videos and how to react in particular settings.


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