Educational Television

The article mentions that, “Children between the ages of 4 and 6 years view an average of 90.4 minutes of television on a typical day followed up by 22.8 minutes of DVD/video viewing and about 10 minutes of video game playing.”I am not surprised by this statement since in this generation there are many television shows geared towards entertaining and teaching little kids. I babysit many families, and there have always been times when the children want to watch T.V, especially at nigh time. Some shows that I believe are somewhat educational and entertaining for little kids are Paw Patrol, Barnie, and Little Einsteins. I agree with the statement, “When the educational content is tangential to the narrative, the two parallel processes are said to compete for limited resources in working memory.” It is difficult for kids to pay attention to the plot of the show, while also trying to learn. The educational part must be intertwined with the story of the show, or else most kids would not want to watch a show if they hear that it is “learning” or “educational” because they associate T.V. with their leisure time. I think the experiment was very interesting. I was surprised that there were different results for each category. I thought that the second hypothesis, “Children who view Between the Lions and participate in experiential mediation designed to support literacy skills will demonstrate greater literacy skills than children who engage in unaided viewing of Between the Lions”, would be correct. Although they did excel in some areas, they did not in others. I believe educational television can help students improve learning, but cannot guarantee improvement in all developmental areas.



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