Disadvantages of Educational TV


After reading this article, I found myself still very torn on the debate of whether or not tv can actually be used for educational purposes.  On the plus side, children can learn phonics or the alphabet, numbers and be guided by fun characters teaching the material to them.  But the students might not be engaged in the learning component, more mesmerized by all the feathers on big bird, or the colors used in sesame street.  Similarly, Dora the Explorer can also be educational, but there is only so much a student can absorb from a colorful cartoon tv show.  The television can present information in a different and more creative way that we as teachers cannot always present.  Personally, I think there are learning components in television, but they need to be addressed.  We as teachers cannot just project a show or movie and expect children to take anything away from the show.  Furthermore, children and parents tend to associate television with laziness and laid back, quiet or relaxing time.  That is the stigma of television, and it is difficult to break that.


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