Is “Schoolhouse Rock” Useful in Schools?

When I think of educational television in the classroom, I think of the days in elementary school when I would watch “Schoolhouse Rock.” I still remember the activities, songs, and animations that would be on the televisions in every classroom. Particularly for “Schoolhouse Rock,” I recall watching and learning about the planets, how a bill becomes a law, and all about the Great American Melting Pot. I was even able to memorize The Preamble thanks to the television program. I searched for articles on the Internet with different opinions about “Schoolhouse Rock.” Jason Lynch wrote an interesting article entitled, “Schoolhouse Rock: A Trojan Horse of Knowledge and Power.” Lynch writes, “Each song was a perfectly constructed Trojan horse: it was entertaining and infectious, while clandestinely packing an astonishing amount of information about lessons about word usage (“Verb: That’s What’s Happenin’”), America’s expansion (“Elbow Room”), women’s rights (“Sufferin Till Sufferage”), health (“The Body Machine”), the solar system (“Interplanet Janet”) and much, much more. Like nothing before it, Schoolhouse Rock made learning fun and effortless.” For us “Schoolhouse Rock” watchers, there is no denying that the segments were entertaining, however, did we really learn? Would have it been easier to understand these concepts had we been taught from the teacher? Should “Schoolhouse Rock” just be another way to help students learn? Is it just promoting memorization among students? There are some episodes, such as the ones I mentioned above, that I can remember being useful, however, I am curious to read about everyone else’s thoughts on this!47000010.cached.jpg


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