Minecraft and the Classroom


As a former player myself, I know the ins and outs of Minecraft and how the game operates as a whole. At first, I was very surprised to hear the discussion of moving the game into the classroom because I did not quite understand how beneficial it would be. This article discusses how students are learning about world regions, area, and perimeter, which I now see as a feasible task for students to complete in game. Students would be exposed to engineering structures of their own and calculating dimensions in a fun and creative way.

This being said, I still am very hesitant about the idea. I can see this being used as a one or two day lesson at most because I feel that is really all the educational value the game holds. At the end of the day, it is still just a video game. It definitely can make a fun lesson where students are reinforced about perimeter and area,but beyond that would just be an entertainment stimulus.