Is Minecraft Really Beneficial for the Classroom?

This article was very interesting for me to read. It showed me an entire new side of the computer game I always viewed as a distraction and never a learning for purpose.  I used to nanny two boys a few summers ago, one child was 10 and the other was 8.  Both of the boys were obsessed with Minecraft, that their parents would put a limit on the game for how long they could play it each day.  The parents only saw the bad side of Minecraft; that it was too much screen time and not actually educational.  I think that shaped the way I viewed the game, since it was a privilege in that household, not something that is encouraged to use for learning purposes.

After reading this article and the comments, I now have a different view of the game.  I still think that Minecraft can be used as a toy and more for free time, but there are educational purposes to it.  In moderation, Minecraft is beneficial for students geometry, or school projects for presentation purposes.  Some students are not as artistic or creative with coloring and dioramas.  Some students are good at being creative electronically and displaying projects on Minecraft by building online.  This is where Minecraft is beneficial, when it meets some students needs and abilities that are not displayed with paper and pencil.


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