Educational Video Games

This week I read an article titled “Educational Video Games” written by Dr. Gwen Dewar. I have the same hesitations with educational video games that I had with the use of tablets within the classroom. I think video games are more of an escape for people to wind down and escape from the reality of their lives. I picture children playing their XBOX or PS4 as a way to get away from doing work and have time to themselves. However, this article gave me a completely different perspective on how video games could actually be beneficial.

The article discussed the benefits of video games such as breaking down complex tasks, giving learners continuous and immediate feedback, adapting the pace according to the individual learner, game based tasks may require students to formulate hypothesis and experiment. I never considered any of these aspects when it came to video games, but thinking about it now has widened my perspective. Video games take a lot of planning and strategy, two skills which directly correlate with learning. Even though I only think of video games that 13 year old boys play, there really are a lot of other video games that children play everyday. Even when we were simply scrolling through the iPads for apps there were a lot of games children played which dealt with math facts or finishing sentences in order to move on to the next level. Video games within the classroom setting is a great way to keep students engaged while also learning the important material. I think that as long as students are playing video games which are on task and directly correlate with information within the classroom then there is no problem.


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