Autcraft saving children

I found the buzz feed article about mine craft and autcraft very interesting.  I have heard of kids with autism really enjoying mine craft because they are able to connect with others in an easier setting for them, but I had never heard of autcraft.  The game is a great way to make parents feel better about allowing their children to play and communicate with others online.  The stories that parents wrote about their children were very touching and it is amazing to read about the strides that these children were able to make just through communicating through a video game.  I also did not realize the support and the supervision that was involved in the game.  I always just assumed that it was computer run and that the computers really didn’t know what was going on while people played.  The story about the boy who’s friend committed suicide and Angela the administrator who was able to talk to him and help him to feel better when he had no one was amazing.  If she had not been there for him who knows what could have happened.  I can definitely see how the games therapeutic abilities can help children with autism and Aspergers succeed in social settings.  These children’s love for the game can be shared with others where they can continue to play and discuss things that they have in common.

With all that being said, I am not sure that I see the educational purpose in the video game.  I think it is a great way for kids to get creative and social but do not see it as something that could be used in the classroom.  I feel like the game could be a way to practice communication skills and spelling and typing but is not something that could replace or take take place in the classroom.


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