Podcasts And The Classroom


As we have briefly talked about Podcasts in the classroom- I was still unaware of how they could specifically  be integrated in the classroom. Although I have seen the Podcast app on my iPhone, I don’t recall ever using it. After reading an article by Marian Oswald on Podcasts and The Classroom, I became intrigued and pulled it up on my phone. To my surprised  there were countless options of categories to listen from, varying from News, to even Love and Relationships. Although I prefer to have a visual, I discovered a whole new world of Podcast- and am now blown away that I never really thought to look at Podcasts-let alone think about incorporating them into my future class.

As Oswald writes “podcasts can be a great way to engage different kinds of learners, disseminate information, and get students excited about out-of-the-box assignments.”  Podcast are a great tool and really require the student to listen closely, and paint what they are listening to in their head. Podcasts are usually defined as a  ‘digital audio file’, so they are are good for auditory listeners, and present a different take on learning- as students must listen and be engage in what they are hearing.  Students can also create their own podcasts- which enables them to learn from each other and share their experience, as a tool to remember what they learned.  Oswald also writes how podcasts can be more beneficial than reading a long text as it provides a visual in making the students truly think. However- I can see how this could become an issue as I know not just myself-but some students could easily daydream off.

Overall though Podcasts for a majority are beneficial, and I learned some valuable tools from reading Oswald’s article. He presents several steps you must achieve before integrating them in the classroom such as: researching beforehand, recording in a quiet space, editing the podcast to make it easier for listeners, testing the podcast for a final test, and then finally publishing/promotion your podcast to your class. He also shares several great editing Podcasts tool. Podcasts are a great audio tool and I believe can be used as a essential resource in the classroom.


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