Common Core and Video games

Many people in society view video games as being something that children do as enjoyment during their free time and many believe that it can negatively affect how kids learn when they are in school. Comments like “you’re losing brain cells while you play video games” is said all of the time when discussing kids sitting in front of the tv and playing games for hours. It’s interesting to read this article and see that games like minecraft is a positively viewed video game for students and that games like jeopardy or other types of memorization games are actually not helpful for students when learning concepts. I always thought that games like jeopardy were helpful for students to learn concepts in different subjects but if you think about it, a game like that is mostly helpful once the students understand concepts and are ready to be tested on their knowledge (maybe before a test). It is stated in the article that the best type of learning that comes from video games is when the student does not really know what they are learning about before they start the game. It is also stated that teachers need to be apart of designing games that are meant for educational purposes because they are the ones who are the closest to the common core and understand it the most deeply. The push is to make video games a separate type of learning in the classroom next to textbooks and other learning outlets. Once video games are put into the mix the learning system will be expanding to a wider span of tools and opportunities for students.


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