Quest To Learn

This week I was doing some research on using video games in teaching. I found an NPR article ( that talked about a school that uses video games to teach thinking skills. The school they talked about specifically is in New York City and it’s called Quest To Learn. I decided to do some research on the school because the article said the curriculum is “game based learning” and I wasn’t sure exactly what that entailed. Basically what I have understood from their website is that the lessons are like stories and the students have roles in these story’s kind of like a make believe or video game. For example, sixth graders use the Dr. Smallz story. Dr. Smallz is a shrunken mad scientist, lost inside his paitents body that needs to navigate the body systems he encounters. The students play the role of designers, scientists, doctors and detectives as they explore cellular biology and the human body in an effort to help Dr. Smallz cure his paitent. The students learn the same skills as other 6th graders just in a more fun and interactive way. I think the Quest To Learn curriculum is an extremely interesting concept. I don’t know how I feel about an entire game based curriculum but I am inspired to incorporate some game based lessons when I am a teacher.


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