Autcraft Helping Children with Autism?

I never thought video games could be used as a teaching tool for students. I was particularly interested in the Buzzfeed article entitled, “This ‘Minecraft’ Community is Saving the Lives of Children with Autism,” because my case study student this semester has high-functioning autism. Autcraft is a gaming program like Minecraft, except it is a safer game where players “have an opportunity to communicate without worrying about the prospect of being bullied and, in many cases, develop a newfound self-confidence from playing and interacting with friends.”

This is important, especially for students with Autism, who may struggle in developing the social skills to communicate and play with others. For the student I work with, great anxiety comes in social situations. This definitely affects her ability to make friends and build relationships with others. Using a game like Autcraft will eliminate any stresses or worries that she faces on a daily basis. Parents also made the claim that this video game acts as a way to bond with their son or daughter and is a safe teaching tool that protects their children from the cruelty of the world both on and off the screen. I am curious to see more research done on this and analyze the positive effects a game like Autcraft will have on children, specifically those with Autism.


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