Wbur- Back To School With The Educational App Boom

Wbur- Back To School With The Educational App Boom

There were a lot of things that stuck out to me when listening to this NPR episode. The first thing was the question, “Is technology more important for students at home or at school?” Now personally I don’t think one is more important than the other, the important thing is balance. Obviously students in elementary, middle and high school should not be taught with apps and technology only. Kids need the student-teacher and peer interaction to develop social skills and truly understand topics. They need a teacher to be able to ask questions, be challenged and receive a personalized education. Apps however should be used when they can further students’ understanding. Why make a student do a multiplication worksheet that leads him to hate multiplication when he can play a multiplication math game that makes it fun for him.
There are small changes we can make to implement apps for students benefit. I also think educational apps can be important at home. Parents should encourage their kids to play educational games rather than just video games that they are going to want to play anyways. It’s small changes that will make educational apps worthwhile. I also really liked when the woman said the important thing about educational apps is the three c’s: content, context and child. It’s important to find a balance of the three that will promote the child’s learning in the most effective way.


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