Using Social Media as a Teaching Tool

After reading the article posted on Mrs. Wideen’s blog, titled Using Social Media as a Teaching Tool, I am still very skeptical.  I see how it has worked with her specific students, but I am also taking into account that this blog post was posted in the middle of 2014.  Thinking about our current times with social media, I would not be comfortable with my students having access to information in a manner that they should not be exposed to it.  Having a Twitter account myself, I am constantly seeing suggested tweets and accounts to follow, regardless of if I asked to see those suggestions.  Even if the students are only asked to use their Twitter accounts for educational purposes and are taught Social Media Etiquette,  a teacher cannot predict that the application will not insert non-intended information onto their feed.

If I were a 4th grade teacher or higher, I would feel comfortable using Social Media in my classroom.  Any grade below that, I would be extremely skeptical.  If I were to see firsthand how effective this teaching tool can be, perhaps my opinion could be swayed.  As for now, I applaud those teachers who are able to incorporate Social Media effectively and safely into their classroom.


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