Student Self Esteem Related to Technology

While googling a general search, “Technology in the classroom,” I came across several different websites that listed the basic articles, “10 Ways to Incorporate Technology into your Classroom!” and “6 Reason Technology is Beneficial for your Students!”  Of course these links promote technology, but more in a general sense.  I wanted to find something more attention-grabbing and specific to write about in a post on here.  I found just that when I clicked on and started reading an article called “Effects of Technology on Classrooms and Students.”  In their list of reasons, they pin-point one aspect that many other articles do not.  They argue that technology “enhances student self esteem.”  They say:

“A related technology effect stressed by many teachers was enhancement of student self esteem. Both the increased competence they feel after mastering technology-based tasks and their awareness of the value placed upon technology within our culture, led to increases in students’ (and often teachers’) sense of self worth.

I see more confidence in the kids here. . . . I think it’s not just computers, it’s a multitude of things, but they can do things on the computers that most of their parents can’t do and that’s very empowering and exciting for them. It’s “I can sit down and make this machine pretty much do what I want to,” and there’s something about that that gives them an extra little boost of, “Wow, I’m a pretty special person.” –Elementary school teacher 

Students clearly take pride in being able to use the same computer-based tools employed by professionals. As one teacher expressed it, “Students gain a sense of empowerment from learning to control the computer and to use it in ways they associate with the real world.” Technology is valued within our culture. It is something that costs money and that bestows the power to add value. By giving students technology tools, we are implicitly giving weight to their school activities. Students are very sensitive to this message that they, and their work, are important.”

This is very interesting to me, and a huge appeal of technology, even more so than the argument that using technology in the classroom prepares students for their future, as I believe that students will have access to technology through other means, even if their classrooms do not make an effort to incorporate it into the curriculum.  I feel that teachers should take any opportunity they have to increase their students self-esteem and feeling of mastery.  Attitude to learn in the classroom is more important to me than the actual learning that is going on.  When students believe they can accomplish tasks, those tasks immediately become less daunting and much more manageable, which often times is the very struggle students have with approaching an assignment.


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