Social Media in Schools

This PBS article I found about using social media in the classroom shows to different sides of the argument from two different teachers. One teacher talks about the positives of introducing social media in a school setting. He talks about how students are going to use social media anyways so it makes sense to show them how to use it in a safe and positive manner. I think the analogy of handing a 13-year-old keys to a Ferrari was really spot on. We shouldn’t be letting kids use a media that they don’t understand the rules of. I did however see some truth in the argument by the teacher against using social media in the class room. I do think that there is times in the school day where students should really be encouraged to unplug. I however can’t see how teachers can avoid this push to use social media in this day and age. Kids are on social media at younger and younger ages. They need to learn how to use it safely and properly because we can’t always trust that their parents will. Introducing social media through a class room setting is the safest bet for educating students on the proper and improper way to use it.


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