Pinterest is Vital in the Teaching World

The article I decided to explore is entitled: “Pinterest for Educators?” and is written by Eric Sheninger. It is incredible to me how teachers taught years ago without the use of any social media. Social networking has become a huge part of everyday life, especially in the lives of educators. When I think of teachers and social media only one specific site comes to mind: Pinterest. Pinterest is a social networking site that allows for people to post, share, and comment on visual material including photos, videos, web pages, ect. Pinterest acts as a virtual bulletin board that allows you to “pin” other people’s ideas that you may be interested in as well. I have used Pinterest many many times last semester to come up with fun and innovative lesson plans that I may not necessarily have come up with myself. Pinterest allows for educators to share their lessons, their ideas, their student’s work, and other creative ideas for other educators to use and be satisfied with. I catch myself on Pinterest daily “pinning” multiple ideas to my wall and being extremely excited about it.

Not only does Pinterest facilitate teachers in their lesson plans, it also provides an outlet for students to use in the classroom. First, Pinterest will allow students to post their individual work while allowing other students to comment and share as well. There can be collaborative bulletin boards for the students to use that multiple users can put together one huge visual image. Furthermore, Pinterest can even teach students about the seriousness of Copyright laws. It is important for students to give proper credit to the generator of the original idea in the first place. We cannot take credit for something we did not do. Lastly, I LOVE the idea of using Pinterest as a “show and tell” for the class. Instead of bringing the item in, students can just post the desired item and students can either virtually comment on it or look at it on Pinterest together as a class. Overall, I catch myself on Pinterest everyday. I cannot imagine going through life without it and it is probably the most useful social media site that I use today.


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