Elementary School Student Success Through Social Media


This article really caught my eye in the sense that the topic was on how to bring social media into the elementary school classroom. At first I was convinced that elementary school aged children did not need to associate themselves with any type of social media (mainly because I grew up with no social media and I was fine). As I read, I was surprised at the three examples that were present in the article regarding the students in elementary school benefitting from using social media in one way or another. Yes, the article talks about how social media can be a negative concept especially for younger students but thinking about having an elementary school twitter page or a class blog can help students if they are not in class or need to check work when they are home. It keeps the students connected as a class and creates a community outside of the classroom. It also connects the students to so many things that are happening in the outside world. Learning about tadpoles by watching a livestream coming from across the world can be a different opportunity for students to learn in a new way. Using social media in early grades gives students their own voice and makes them more confident in their work if they are uploading posts to a blog where the entire class will be reading and discussing the work. Students take pride in things when they know that their friends and their teacher will be reading it. I never thought that social media was going to be so positively prominent in an elementary school classroom setting.


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