Blogging in the 21st Century

After completing the readings for this week I became very interested in the idea of blogs in a classroom. I know we use a blog for this class, but I feel as though children in elementary school, middle school, and highschool, are really taking advantage of this new way of submitting and showcasing their work. In the reading it showed so many different ways classes use their blogs, even if it is as simple as posting their work to it so that their teacher and parents can see it. I wanted to know more about this process, and even some more uses for blogs in the classroom. After I found this article I realized that the blog is not just a place to post work, but is a motivational tool to do school work as well.

This article focuses on highschool students, and how each week they are required to post something to their blog of their choosing. Many students have responded very positively to this teaching technique, and improvement on regular assingments has improved because of it as well. I thought it was interesting how students saw the blog post as an assignment, but an assignment they enjoy doing, and could really connect to. With this extra practice that came with writing blog posts, students were learning how to make less grammatical mistakes, and were able to improve their writing and social skills as well. Students who are normally shy in the classroom setting could finally have a voice and share their opinions with their peers. This project seemed to make the students have a stronger learning enviroment, and a better outlook on writing as well. I think it would be interesting to see other uses for blogs as well.


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