Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Media for Children

The article I found interesting is titled Teaching Kids to be Smart about Social Media, by  This article drew my attention because it easily displayed the pros and cons of social media.  One particular point that stood out to me was a disadvantage that did not even cross my mind: cyberbullying.  Now that social media is becoming more popular in school aged children, cyberbullying has increased. Students will often say mean comments online because it is easier to say something harsh when you type it, rather than in person.  Another downside of children using social media is the advertisements and spam that can pop up, that if kids click on thinking the have just won a cruise to the Bahamas, they could get a virus on the computer or ipad. I have always seen technology as an advantage for children, but this article really made me think about some disadvantages to social media that had not crossed my mind.



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