8 Easy Steps to Creating Virtual Field Trips

I have always been interested in the use of technology within the classroom but I have never actually gone through with it. I was always deterred with having students being left to their own devices thinking that it will only provide more distractions rather than productive learning. However, the article I read on creating Virtual Field Trips definitely gave me a different perspective.

I never really thought of how beneficial a Virtual Field Trip was until we looked at examples in class. It felt like an extremely real situation where we were able to see aspects of Egypt in a way that a textbook cannot portray. Not only was this very visually appealing, but I could see many students in younger grades responding very well to this. They can learn so much information through the virtual tour since it feels more interesting than reading information in a book and more like they are actually in the setting. I thought it would be a tedious thing to create online, but the directions on how to go about it seem pretty easy. Many teachers could use this to their advantage in teaching subjects many may find boring within the textbook and make it come to life! I also think that this is not necessarily geared towards a particular age. I think children of all ages can go on virtual field trips and benefit from them equally. It is a different way to learn but really brings technology into the classroom in a way which limits distraction and also promotes tech!


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