Social Media in the Classroom

I have never really thought about using social media in the classroom.  I remember Dr. Zipke discussing how the students in Mrs Wideen’s class were able to get a bird feeder from their principle using persuasive essays that they wrote and tagged their principle in on twitter.  I found the article very interesting and I also think that Mrs Wideen taught a great message showing her students how they were able to get such quick support from others besides just their principle, and explain to them how it would be bad if this was something inappropriate.  I think that it was a great message but also question whether it really got through to 2nd graders.  I feel like it would be a hard concept for 2nd graders to grasp because they probably do not have anything that would be inappropriate that they would be posting at that age.  At an older age maybe around 4th or 5th grade I think a lesson like this would be great because that is the age where kids are really getting into social media and may be more likely to post risky or inappropriate things without realizing the consequences.

I think that it was cool that the students were able to reach out to her on the weekend to tell her that he had found a cool website that they could use to expand their learning on a specific topic they had been working on.  I think that this encourages learning and that other students may see this and also think to share things with their teacher.  This would motivate and excite the students to learn.

This article also reminded me how in high school my principle would use twitter to make announcements.  An example was finding out about delayed opening or school closings.  It was a great way to quickly check in the morning to make sure there was no announcements.  She would also post scores of sports games and updates throughout the games which I thought was a great way to encourage school spirit.


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