ClassFlow:Virtual Field-trip

Since I am taking Dr. Gillin’s class this semester- I thought it would be a good idea to be familiar with the ClassFlow website; and also with creating a virtual field trip. I read the demo instruction blog on how to create a virtual field-trip, yet I still found it some how confusing to manage. The site itself: ClassFlow seems like a very impressive resource and tool in the classroom. I began to explore the page- and there were numerous lesson plans for a specific subject and grade.

I created an account; pretending to be a teacher, and it was very easy. They gave you a class code, and you had the option of either having your class be student-generated (which was the popular one) and then teacher-generated. I chose the student-generated option, and began to look at some of the lesson plans. Although there was live chats for assistance,  and a how to create a virtual field trip blog I still found the website  regarding the virtual field trip somehow difficult to create. This could be because I did not have an actual class-but still I am unsure on how exactly it works. Also you must create it yourself- there is no template for virtual places to visit.

After you create an account, under my resources-you then are able to make a lesson, assignment, assessment, etc. To plan a virtual field-trip- you create a new lesson- and beforehand have to have the link of 36o degree location on google maps. I inserted this as a new link- and the location came right up. I made a demo virtual field trip to Québec City in Canada. Although I was able to to upload the 360 degree of different places in Québec City – it still seemed a little confusing on how to manage. If I had more time to play around with the website I may have been able to figure it out better.

ClassFlow overall is a website that is a great tool and resource for involving the classroom in learning and being able to generate and learn from each other. I posted the link to my lesson-which is very rough but shows a basic idea of how this website works.!/drive/drivetrees=1602360cb40b46fc8cdc59f8c6fd286e/rsprovider=1602360cb40b46fc8cdc59f8c6fd286e/resourcelists=cf7888f993ad46688bcd8d7af0f31a51




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