Too Soon for Technology?

I read an interesting article about how technology is so prominent especially in the libraries. It has become extremely controversial about whether technology is good for kids and how much. With all the technology in schools kids are starting younger and younger and preschoolers are now using technology. The article discusses how kids need real objects and to learn from real life and how it works. I agree with this statement and feel like they would learn better with something tangible. I also agree that instead of being inside and on technology constantly, little kids should go out and play. I think that it is very important that little kids are able to take out their energy and let their imaginations run wild.

The article also discusses whether or not the educational apps are really educational and I also agree with this. I think that sometimes the amount of education in the technology is a little stretched. It is often more about entertainment with a little bit of a learning factor. An example of this is e-books being more about the visuals and taking away from the actual reading comprehension. I think the most important thing to remember that education must come before technology. If the technology fits into the education than it is acceptable.


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