New Teacher Survival Guide: Technology in the Classroom                      

(video link: definitely worth checking out!!!)

After discussing in class the different levels of incorporating technology in the classroom, I kept in mind how each tier of technology further enhances students towards a new level of  learning. I came across a brief 16 minute video about technology in the classroom. I found it quite interesting, and I took a lot away from it.  This video is about a new 6th grade teacher,  Patricia Paiva. Ms. Paiva is devoted to incorporating technology in her lessons; yet still needs some guidance.  Although Ms. Paiva is young and understands most technology, she meets with a mentor that helps guide Ms. Paiva to  plan a lesson plan using technology.  This video goes through the lesson plan, and shows the steps when incorporating technology. She meets her mentor first over Skype, where they discuss about technology in the classroom, tips on how to incorporate it the right away, and planning the lesson. The mentor eventually comes to Ms. Paiva’s classroom, observing her throughout her lesson, and offering feedback that I saw valuable. Her advice provided as a great tool, not only for Ms. Paiva, but also towards helping teachers that want to incorporate technology in the classroom.

Ms. Paiva discusses how she is doing a lesson on the Holocaust, and the story of Anne Frank. She wants to integrate technology in her lesson as a powerful way to educate her students on this time in history.  They end up planning a lesson where they Skype a historian, at The Anne Frank House (a museum in Holland.)  The students all brainstorm questions to ask the historian, and I found it inspiring how engaged and active the students were in participating. The historian on the other hand describes her experience and how inspiring it was to be able to share her knowledge with the students. After this Skype, Ms. Paiva asks her class- what they learned from using technology. Many students all agreed that it brought the history to life- other then just reading about it. This experience was memorable and did bring history alive- and outside the classroom.

This video gives several tips towards incorporating technology in the classroom which I would like to share. These tips include:

  • building a collaborative network of like-minded educators ( i.e. branching out and building relationships w/ other educators over the world)
  • integrate technology into assessment by first defining the lesson objective– then selecting the appropriate technology to use
  • keep in mind the goal is learning, not how many tools you use
  • test the new technology before bringing into the classroom
  • and always asking your class what they gained from this experience of technology

Overall, I would highly suggest taking a look at this video. It is filled with a lot of good advice about incorporating technology in the classroom.I find it interesting how easily we forget how technology can be used in so many different ways towards enhancing one’s learning; other than just showing videos on Youtube, etc. Incorporating technology in the classroom is so much more- this video made me start to branch out and brainstorm. There are numerous tools for tech in classrooms, such as Skype, and Voicethread (as seen in this video).  I also realized we take for granted how much easier it is today it to build relationship with other educators all over the world. There are endless possibilities on how we can incorporate technology in the class- one thing to especially take away from this video. Check it out!!


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