Educational Apps

I personally love educational apps. I feel that such apps are a great way to learn and better understand concepts. There is a massive variety of educational apps that meet the needs of all individuals. Educational apps provide unique services such as visuals, songs, microphone features. Such features are extremely beneficial for students that need alternative strategies to learn. The best way that individuals learn is by doing things. Educational apps are interactive allowing specialized supports for people to learn. The educational app, Duolingo, was mentioned in the podcast. I have used this app before and find it incredible helpful when learning French. The app has features that allow the user to listen and also speak the language. The app allows concrete practice that is hard to find in a classroom (do to the speaking features). I have also used educational apps like Monkey Word School Adventure with young students that were learning how to read. The students were very motivated by the app and were extremely engaged. The students were able to get a lot of repetition using the app and they were able to go at their own pace. In many educational apps, like the ones I witnessed these young students playing, teachers are able to monitor the students progress as well as monitoring the work while they are working on it.

In my high school all the students were required to have iPads. The iPads were a wonderful tool as I was constantly able to check my grades online, type papers, use interactive textbooks, make presentations, etc. However the iPad was very distracting some days. It is important that young children are exposed to technology and are able to use such wonderful resources in moderation. It can be detrimental for a young child to be constantly staring at a iPad screen.


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