34 Interesting Ways to use Google docs in the classroom


In my 390 class my teacher discussed with us how google docs is now being used in the majority of elementary schools as a learning tool. She said knowing how to use this resource was not only important for students, but for the teachers as well. Then the following day I went into my practicum and saw how google docs was indeed being used. Students were writing their assignments in their journals, and once they were done, they typed it into a google doc, which they then shared with their teacher. I thought this was a very useful way to use google docs, but I was curious as to how else you could use google docs as an educational tool.

I typed into the google search bar, google docs in the classroom, and what came up was a presentation of 34 different ways to use google docs in the classroom. I did not imagine that there were so many uses, seeing as though I personally was only familiar with sharing a google doc. After going through the slideshow I was shocked. Google docs is an amazing resource that is user friendly, and at everyones fingertips. The presenation discussed different strategies, and limiations to google docs as well. I am excited to try these tools out, and see how well the students actually respond to these methods. Does it increase learning? Is handing in tradtional assignments on paper better? I am excited to see how google docs affects the education of students everywhere.


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