10 Ways to Integrate Technology



Following the class discussion last week, I decided to gain more insight on how exactly technology is being used within the classroom setting. I found a very interesting article which explores the many different ways this is being done today.

The article offered many different ways that students can incorporate aspects of technology within a classroom, but there were certain parts which stood out. Specifically that teachers are using voice recordings for students while they read so they can play it back to themselves. Many students at young ages have difficulty with areas such as fluency and pronunciation but never actually hear their mistakes as they make them. Having the ability to play back the recording allows the student to hear the mistakes they have made and what areas they should focus on for improvement. I think this is a great way for students to work on areas they may be struggling with since they are able to hear directly the mistakes that they are making. It also promotes students to use expression! When they hear their own voice being played back to them, they usually wish to make the reading sound more entertaining the next time. Teachers noticed a vast improvement in the way students used emotion and expression when reading a second time.


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