Technology For Teachers: Plickers

Much of what we have been talking about this semester is on the positive impact incorporating technology has on our students. However, technology can also have a positive impact for the teachers who are using it!

I had just learned about Plickers from my mom who is a highschool teacher. Plickers is a online website that allows you to conduct formative assessment without having all your students have to have a computer or tablet in front of them. Plickers is sort of confusing to explain, which is why I included the edshelf link below (if you click on the link there is a short clip that shows how it is used). Essentially the teacher creates a login online and can create questions that they would want to project or ask students while teaching their lesson. Each student is provided with a unique shaped card (that you print off the website). On this shaped card, there is a labeled A,B,C,D on different edges of the shape, and the student holds up the side of the card that they wish to answer with. The teacher then takes their tablet or their smart phone and scans the classroom using the app. The app is able to not only indicate each student’s answer, but it also knows which student answered which answer because of the different shape each student is given. The teacher can then chose to project the graph that shows how many answered each question. The teacher can also refer to their roster to see which particular student answered each question, which allows them to see if certain students are understanding the concepts being taught.

Now at first I thought how kahoot or clickers seem like a much better option than this where you have to printout cards, scan the room, and then get the data. However, the positive about this piece of technology is that the only one who needs technology is the teacher. The students only need their cards to answer the questions. The teacher simply needs a tablet or smartphone and possibly a projector to show the questions.  In addition, students don’t know what other students are answering because their shapes are unique and the a,b,c,d are labeled too small for others to see. I thin this is a great piece of technology for teachers to use! Check it out below if you are interested.




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