Teacher Tools That Integrate Technology: Educational Blogging

This week I read the article Teacher Tools That Integrate Technology: Educational Blogging by Kimberly Lightle. She describes the ever-growing concept of blogging as one of the most easily accessible and free to use tools that can have an astounding impact on student learning. This is obviously a tool we are using in this class, so I was able to apply the sort of benefits of blogs that Lightle discussed.

One aspect of blogging that makes it so unique is the allowance of communication from teacher to students, teacher to parents, and student to student. Anyone can have access to a blog, so while students are reading each other’s work and making comments, parents could also check in and see what the class is focusing on. This direct access is something that does not exist in classrooms typically, so by incorporating blogging there is a greater form of communication between everyone.

Lightle also pointed out that blogging could generate a fresh motivation for students who are not as into actually physically writing on paper. A blog is a new innovative way for students to express themselves, which can hold very successful results. As students get older, the blogging could be expanded so that everyone can create their own blog, which greatly empowers the student’s own creativity. Blogging is a versatile educational tool that can have an amazing benefit to students.


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