5 Reasons Tablet PC’s are the future of Classroom Technology

After discussing e-books last week, I thought that it would be interesting to look up articles regarding tablets within the classroom and if they were really all they were cracked up to be. The use of tablets were not used within any of the schools i attended before coming to college so I wanted to see if they were as great as people make them out to be. My sister is one who has begun to use iPads in school rather than books and notebooks and it sparked an interest in my mind. I found the article 5 Reasons Tablet PC’s are the future of Classroom Technology and the first point that was made really opened up my eyes about a positive reason why tablets are provided to students by the school. What they called “standardization” just made me remember that not every student comes from the same economic background and some students can’t afford certain things compared to others and it is not their fault. If a school provides every student with the ability to use the same type of tablet during the school day, there are no differences between what certain students can do or afford compared to others. This really tries to break students away from the social classes and negatives effects it can have on students. This concept is continued to the “accessibility” point that is made within the article and explains that public schools are required to give every student equal access to technology during the school day and that allows students to have equal opportunities to use something that they may not be able to use at home or because of other reasons. They explain that the price of tablets cuts so many expenses down that would have been spent on computers within the school which helps school districts spend more money and time on focusing on the students and their individual needs if they have any. Functionality also allows the teachers to do more activities with their students and broadens the horizons of topics and lessons that can be covered during the school year. The biggest concern that schools need to be aware of is the protection of each student and the school district itself. Any type of tablet needs to have a protective lock on the internet and firewalls that are built into the device in case students try and go onto unsafe sites. I thought that it was so interesting that schools were pushing for tablet use in order to allow students to have an equal playing field in the classroom and have the same materials at their fingertips. I never thought that a school district would purchase tablets in order to get that message across. I always thought that if schools could afford tablets they would buy them in order to make strides in their test scores and their classroom experiences. There are so many other interesting factors that go into deciding if a school wants to and can afford to purchase tablets for their students.


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