Will tablets become the new paper?


This website discussed both the benefits and disadvantages of having a primarily dominant tablet society. Half of the page discusses the benefits that would arise from using tablets while the other half of the page discusses why this may not be the most practical decision.

The pro side discussed that tablets can hold  significantly more information as opposed to textbooks. Tablets can store multiple books in the small device which makes it easier to access multiple pieces of information in a short period of time. Not only does it store a wealth of information, but tablets make it possible to use certain features that are not offered through the use of textbooks. The tablets enable the user to use the dictionary feature to look up words in their readings rather than having to go to an entirely different book to look up a single word. This is not only more time efficient but also enables students to carry a lighter load.

The con side discussed that tablets are actually not as beneficial as some more progressive individuals say so. Tablets can be very expensive and also have other features to be purchased like a charger, headphones, keyboard, etc. which could be very pricey for some. It is not an option for all so it creates a large divide with accessibility for students. I think another important point is the fact that students tend to get distracted when they can use these technological devices. It is more often than not that students will be doing work on a tablet and go to check Facebook or their email just because they have the capability to do so. It prevents students from solely  focusing on the task at hand. I think that tablets could find a place within school systems but should not become the new paper. I think it is important to keep the textbooks around for students who may not have access to certain technologies so no students feels as if they are left behind. There are lessons which students would greatly benefit from the use of iPads and tablets because it is another learning tool that can help expand someone’s knowledge rather than just through the use of a textbook. I think tablets are definitely a great thing to be incorporated in classes, but done so at a selective level.


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