Should We Allow A Tablet Takeover?

This website discusses the controversial issue as to whether we should allow tablets to be the dominant source for gathering information over textbooks, handouts, and other paper-source materials. The website,, deals with many controversial and supplies not only arguments for pro and con tablet use, but also provides background information on why tablets are being considered in the classroom as well as videos that are related to this topic.

Some pros that I found compelling were that tablets will drastically reduce the weight of their backpacks, that they allow for students to access more than what is provided in print texts, and that it reduces the amount of paper usage. Other positive uses for tablets is that students are more likely to purchase e-books and read for fun. It also makes learning more interactive and fun for students, rather than doing the typical task of reading the textbook and completing a worksheet. However, there are cons like how many textbooks have not converted to e-books. The usage of tablets in classrooms may also cause students to want to cheat and lookup the answers. The implementation of tablets school-wide is also a costly initiative. Not only do you have to purchase and provide the technology to all the students, but you also have to purchase apps. One con that I found very interesting is that many students do not have the adequate access to the internet at home. Therefore, completing assignments online would be an obstacle for them.

We also have to remember that some schools, like private schools, are able to hold students accountable for purchasing their tablets whereas public schools cannot expect this out of their students. It does not seem feasible to me that all schools, particularly public schools, would be able to upfront the costs for tablets and apps so that each students could have one. Therefore, I don’t think that a complete takeover to tablets is possible for all schools. However, I think incorporating e-books and apps into teachers’ lessons would be beneficial for students because it would provide a fun, exciting way for these students to learn. So maybe the takeover won’t happen; at least it is likely it won’t happen for a while.


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