Screen Addiction

I was looking on Catherine Steiner-Adair’s website and found an article that interested me, Screen Addiction is Taking a Toll on Children. This article seemed interesting to me because I feel like it is a highly controversial topic. I think that many people believe that it is taking a toll on children and many believe that it is the future and we cannot help but stay away from technology. I have always believed that too much screen time is very bad for children. This article made many points that I agree with. I agree that with the amount of time that children spend using technology, they are not developing their social skills. It discussed how if children watch and are exposed to violence at a young age that they will be more likely to take part in violence when they are older. I think it is very important for children to play video games that are age appropriate for them. Growing up with three younger brothers, I have noticed that even if the older one is playing a violent game the younger one finds it interesting and sometimes tries to sit and watch with him which is also not good. Another thing that the article discussed that I agree with was that when children are using technology at the dinner table, it is taking away from the dinner conversations that should be taking place. I think that it is very important for everyone to be present at the dinner table. Even at my age many of my friends will be texting or on social media at the dinner table and I find it very rude and make sure to stay off my phone. One exception to this is if you have a young child who is misbehaving at the dinner table sometimes giving him/her the iPad to play with to distract him/her may be helpful if the child was bothering others. One thing that the article did not discuss that I have always thought about was how so much screen time can be bad for a child’s eyes. I think that since having the iPhone my eyes have definitely gotten worse from constantly straining my eyes to see the screen and wonder how true this idea really is.


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